Self Awareness on Heartburn and Acid Reflux

Have you experience a burning or stinging sensation on your chest? You are probably suffering from heartburn. Although it is called heartburn, it is not a heart disease. It may sometimes be mistaken as dyspepsia. Acid reflux and heartburn go together. The condition when stomach acid dash up from the stomach to the esophagus can be called heartburn or acid reflux. Heartburn is usually the symptom for the medical condition of acid reflux. Most common symptom is a burning sensation in the chest and throat. Taking antacids could ease up the pain. There are a lot of causes for this sickness. Summarize below are some factors that could contribute to experiencing heart burn or acid reflux.Smoking – This could destroy mucus membranes and weaken muscle reflexes on the throat. This habit always contributes to may health problems so it’s best to avoid it.Foods that trigger acid reflux- Too much intake of alcohol, fatty foods, acidic foods, chocolate and carbonated beverages could worsen your heartburn. Lying down after a large meal could also trigger heartburn or acid reflux.Exercise- Although it is beneficial to the body, it could also cause heartburn by escalating pressure in the abdominal cavity.Obesity- Too much cholesterol could complicate and trigger a lot of diseases.Medication- Some medicines such as aspirin and ibuprofen could trigger heartburn.It is recommended to pay attention to this sickness because it might lead to a more serious problem. The key to avoiding this condition is developing a healthy lifestyle and changing some bad habits. Here are some good tips to consider to avoid experiencing heartburn and acid reflux.
Eat healthy foods containing dietary fibers that neutralize gastric acids.
Getting sufficient exercise could keep you physically fit.
Quitting smoking would be an added advantage since it minimizes throat irritation.
Drinking water instead of carbonated drinks or alcohol could greatly help.
Developing a discipline on eating could keep your health in check.
Avoid lying down after eating.
Lessen the intake of foods that could trigger heartburn.
Relax and reduce stress
Avoid tight belts that could squeeze the stomach
Eat fruits and vegetables.
Avoid doing physical activities after a meal
If the heartburn you are experiencing is occasional then it’s not that serious, but if it’s frequent then you might want to check a physician to know the causes of it. You need to visit a physician if it doesn’t go away with self medication, difficulties in swallowing, unexplained cough, black stool, and vomiting bloody or black material. It is best to consult the doctor for this might not be heartburn but a more dangerous disease. The more you ignore it, the more it could get worse. Do not take this sickness for granted.Even though it’s not that deadly but it could escalate to a more serious ailment if not treated well. It’s better to go see a professional who could diagnose the sickness clearly. Doctors might prescribe you with medications that could reduce acid reflux.